Meet Laura

“My purpose for starting the blog, is multitudinous. I want to inspire and encourage, as well as wanting to advocate and educate. I also just need a place to write it all down. I don’t want to forget. I want to laugh and remember. I want to recall the journey.”

Laura is an ESR certified Independent Consultant for a major marketing literacy brand. Laura’s passions include advocating for bridging the gap between learning disabilities and education and literacy, breaking down barriers for those with special needs and learning disabilities and exposing the stigma that surrounds neurological disabilities, also known as “invisible disabilities”- as these are personal plights she fights for her youngest son with Autism. She is also a freelance writer and artist and owns and operates the sisterhood blog under
She enjoys spending her time with her three children Brody, Annah & Jaxon and her husband, Aaron.

“The days get long. The journey gets hard. The road gets steep- but we can love and embrace every moment of it. And that’s what I want to accomplish here. To love this life we’re living fully and embrace every second of it completely. Wildly & freely loving it out loud; unashamedly, unapologetically and fearlessly.”

Laura M. Toles