Why Usborne Books & More?

(To answer this in it’s entirety, I feel like you need some back story.)

My son youngest son Jaxon is currently 7 years as I am writing this. He has ADHD- Inattentive Type, Autism, just shy of being “level 3” and a myriad of learning disabilities and disorders. He is approximately 2 years delayed in behavior, with his speech and processing being even further behind. My daughter, 8, also has ADHD, a spectrum diagnosis along with Dyslexia but is doing academically well considering her challenges. She is currently grade level in all subjects except for reading. Jaxon scores too low to even qualify for a dyslexia ruling. My oldest, 13, is brilliant with science and mathematics, has always ranked above average on all his MAPPS testing every year and is thriving in the public school system here in our hometown. 

I know different aspects of being a parent:

  • Having a child with extreme learning disabilities and developmental delays because of a neurological disorder, requiring complete support in all areas of his life. 
  • Having a child that needs a little more support then normal for her age in a few areas of her life but for the most part, can self-maintain.
  • Having a child completely independent, competent and responsible for his age.

After having to pull my daughter from Pre-K and then again from Kindergarten in the public school because of her behaviors, we decided to put her into a popular & well-known private school for dyslexia and disabilities in our area. She went her entire first grade year (2018-2019), thriving. 2019, we re-enrolled Annah and then tried to enroll Jaxon. I knew he was behind, but so was Annah when she started, so I first tried to enroll Jaxon into the “regular” part of the school since it worked out so well with Annah. But due to Jaxon’s limitations and disabilities we were told he “wasn’t a good fit.” Of course I was disappointed but I almost expected it. I had already prepared in my heart for him to attend the Spectrum part of the school. I provided all the documents and his diagnosis’. That act in itself was a relief. He attempted Pre-K at 5 years old (yes that’s late but remember he is delayed) but we didn’t make it 2 months before I was asked to take him home- indefinitely. I couldn’t put Jaxon in public school. I worked in special education in the public school system and I know that they are taxed, overwhelmed and without the proper support and resources they need. The students range with varying degrees of disability and the teacher is pulled in a million directions. It is not the smaller classroom setting with more hands-on & one on one time I wanted for my child. So I knew handing these documents over to a private entity in place for Spectrum behaviors and education was going to be my saving grace, for him and myself. Only it wasn’t. We were told “He isn’t clinical enough to be in our classrooms.” What does that even mean? “He doesn’t hurt himself enough. Most of our children in these classrooms hurt themselves and are completely non-verbal.” But you said “most” not all. He does attempt harmful self-inflicting behaviors but not enough? I didn’t understand and it didn’t matter. It was a flat denial.


I can’t express what it felt like to hear that there is no place for your child, when seeking an American birth right- education. We tried a few other places but they were completely full, so I pulled my daughter and we have been homeschooling ever since.

That’s where Usborne Books & More comes in and with that back story you now have the knowledge and understanding for why it’s so important to me and my family. When searching for curriculum I knew it needed I  more depth than what I used for daughter’s remaining Kindergarten year. And it had to be adaptable, too. Too many variances at play, all the time. We chose a curriculum that includes a lot of hands-on materials. Touch it, see it, feel, smell, it-  STEM. We are avid “STEMers.” With all this awesome stuff we received, came some Usborne Books & More books. Even just holding them, I fell in love with their quality- thick and well-made. Brightly colored, engaging. These books have flaps, and sounds and peek-inside, and some use flashlights! But it was a book and it had to pass my the inspection of my very book-difficult child, who was always uninterested. But- Jaxon was engaged. He lifted flaps! He peeked inside! He used the paintbrush one came with!(More on this later) He was actually learning from a book! I was enthralled! Six long years of struggling to capture the attention of a child that only understood the very basic and simple version of things and here he was, independently looking through books!! It was a miracle! Usborne Books & More has not stopped being a working miracle in our lives. 

That is why I chose to join Usborne Books and More. I want to provide the same experience for other struggling families. It’s a step in the right direction. It is, one book at a time, closing an invisible gap that targets a group of children who otherwise, would be left behind and left out. It’s hope. It’s knowing there is help and that there are resources. The Usborne Books & More shelf is VAST and plentiful. Jaxon isn’t on grade level or age level, and that is ok. It’s not about following what’s normal, it’s about doing right for my child and providing him an education, a birth right of being an American. A birth right every child deserves. With Usborne Books & More, I feel like I am doing my part to help make sure that happens. One child and one book at a time.

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