Usborne Books & More and Dexterity

The broad selection of books Usborne Books & More has to offer is usually advertised showcasing their range in ages from birth to young adult, but today I want to spotlight a different range of their books. Books encouraging and improving manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

Below are a few keywords and definitions I’ll be using:

Dexterity: skill performing tasks, especially with the hands.

Fine Motor Skills: the coordination of small muscles, in movement- usually involving synchronisation of hands and fingers- with the eyes.

Dyspraxia: partial loss of the ability to coordinate and preform skilled, purposeful movements and gestures with normal accuracy. 

We live in the midst of that terrain as my son Jax has Dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder. The struggle to even hold a crayon to color is so real, y’all. He uses his hands and fingers, generally speaking, just fine- but getting down to the nitty gritty of fine motor movements, he cries out “It HURTS!” It’s a difficut process for sure, but to make a complicated situation worse, he and his sister participate in an imaginary competition of “Who did it better?!”  

Puts me at my wits end, like the frayed out and frazzled, frizzy end.

Kids are kids. I personally love how that shines through no matter what challenge is presented or what is going on in the world. As adults, we should take away some lessons from a child in breaking down barriers, exceeding expectations, sheer will-power and motivation, innocence and having the ability to love all and see the good in everything.

They are also very competitive. This is where we take a look at the examples of Jaxon with dexterity issues an Annah without any fine motor limitations. This insane competition between them was about to it’s breaking point before I discovered Usborne Books & More. Jaxon saw Annah’s work and had the “want to” but struggled so desperately with his ability to be able to reach that level of movement, that it was igniting a war that was breaking my heart. I don’t want my children to compete with each other or to look at another peer and measure themselves against that person’s abilities and accomplishments for validation and their worth. Something had to give, I was praying hard for an answer.

Thank the Lord for Usborne Books & More! The uniqueness in the variety of Art and Drawing books and activities allows my son to feel validated and to participate without feeling anxiety and pain. It’s like walking through your back door in the middle of Mississippi’s August after a long day in the garden and drinking a tall glass of freshly made sweet tea- that you didn’t have to make yourself. Y’all, It’s that kind of good. It’s boosting a child’s confidence and esteem by saying here’s a way you can do this too. Dexterity issues and limitations should not lead to anxiety and depression in our children but the fact is- it does. In most children it’s never addressed, leaving the child to feel overwhelmed and embarassed because they aren’t measuring up to their peers (who, by the way, do not have any dexterity issues) and they eventually give-up and quit becoming angry. This breaks my heart! I was watching it first-hand as it was playing out before my very eyes!

It’s an invisible delay to the untrained eye and to an unknowing mind. It needs to be talked about and highlighted so it can be worked on appropriately, so that every child is getting setup for success and a brighter tomorrow. Every child.

Here are some examples between Annah (on the left side) and Jaxon (on the right side). They are brother and sister and 14 months apart. If you read my blog from yesterday, we went over some of the difficulties he faces on a daily basis. These pictures are for reference between my children, only. 

For more information on Magic Painting, click here and use the search bar.

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