I sat down to write a letter to my son, but I couldn’t begin. I had so many things to say in the letter but I literally couldn’t start the letter. Maybe it’s the physical act of noting such a moment and all the emotion that comes with your child no longer being a child but making the transition from boy, to man. He’s entering the middle stage of his youth now and I feel like I’m left frozen in time, swaddling all 9lbs of him and forever holding his chubby little hand. I’m not gonna lie, it’s working on this Mama’s heart. I decided not to box myself in by starting a letter but rather just start writing and this is how it turned out.

My precious, now thirteen year old boy. You are beautiful just as you are. You are valued and your worth isn’t measured by what people see in you or think of you or even what you do and accomplish in this life. Your worth solely rests in the eyes of the I AM who says YOU ARE. Store that in your heart and don’t let anyone tell you differently or try to change you. You are perfectly you and beautiful inside and out and you have so many good things about you to offer this world. You are smart and kind and funny. You take time to make others laugh and want to see them happy. You are genuine and compassionate. You love and care for your family and you make sure they smile everyday. You brighten every single room you enter and you have charisma and wit that positively affects everyone and they can’t help but smile and feel good around you. You are good. You are loved. You are wanted. You are needed.

I know things will get confusing and challenging for you over the next few years. You’re leaving your boyhood behind and the childish ways he has and you’ll embrace more characters traits and ways of a man as time goes on. I want this for you. I am proud of you and I know that you will do good things and make strong and wise choices. In this period of time as you discover who you are and who you’ll be, I don’t want to ask you to promise me anything. Instead, I want to make some promises to you.

I promise to help you soar, Brody. As life presents opportunities, I will encourage you to take chances, to make the leap and take the plunge. Seize the day while you can. Live. Learn. Explore. Find out everything you can about life and God and who you are. I will not hold you back, I will not keep you down, and I will not suppress or limit you. I want you to embrace everything God offers you and to live a fearless and full life.

I promise to always be open and honest with you. My mistakes and failures are yours to learn from. Not everything has to be a hard lesson you learn on your own. There are things I can teach you simply by you not repeating some of the same things I have done/haven’t done. I promise I will always keep communication open and to answer any all questions you bring to me, no matter how hard they be. It is my responsibility to see to it that you have everything you need to stand as an independent and whole young man. That starts with a healthy and solid foundation and I promise that together we will accomplish that. I won’t let you down.

I promise you my son, that I will always be here. Whether by your side or in spirit, you will always have my love and my support. It’s unconditional. You don’t have to earn my love and there is nothing in this life you can do to take it away. I love you Brody and that is how it will always be. Don’t ever be too embarrassed or afraid or ashamed to come to me. As life brings you obstacles and challenges and difficult days, I will be here as you need me to help guide you and steady you, encourage and support you, to give advice or to simply listen to you talk things out.

I want to give you a few key points for life:
•The Lord is worthy of your heart and love.
•You can trust Him always.
•The Lord gives and takes away.
•There is a season for everything under the sun.
•Everything happens for a reason.
Seasons change, the Lord does not.
•The Lord draws near to the brokenhearted.
•Don’t go to bed angry and don’t say goodbye mad. Always find a way to resolve your conflicts because our days are numbered and you never know when time is up.
•Not everything is a joke just because it makes you laugh. Look up. Consider the other person and their feelings. There are inappropriate things to joke about.
•Let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no.
•Say what you mean but mean what you say.
•Be loyal. Be faithful. •Keep your promises, or make none at all.
•Be intentional.
•Live everyday the best you can to be kind, compassionate and loving. •Make sure everything you do is to glorify God and God alone. If it doesn’t honor the Lord, reconsider your decision son.

You’re becoming man now son, and I have no doubts in my mind what kind of man that will be. I love you so much Brody and I am so proud of you.
Your Mama I will always be, a friend you’ll forever have in me. 🖤

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